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Classes, Programs, Concerts

for Children, Families, Community

Classes, Programs, Concerts
for Children, Families, Community

Earthbeats first began as a Early Childhood Music Education Program, initially based within Marrickville Council Children’s Services, in Sydney’s Inner West, NSW Australia. Over 15 years the program has grown and flourished and Earthbeats now runs:

  • Weekly music classes for children 6m – 6yrs and parents/carers.
  • Weekly Keyboard Kids & Earthbeats Singers classes for children 5 – 12yrs.
  • Weekly music classes and one off performance/workshops for Early Learning Centres.
  • Performance/workshops for children 5 – 12 yrs old, primary schools and school holiday programs.
  • Training presentations for teachers/carers.
  • Earthbeats Trio, 3 musicians, live in concert, with an interactive show for children, families and communities.


Music & Early Childhood Development – Earthbeats is Music & So Much More!

Research shows that music as an essential part of early childhood education improves thinking, reasoning, creativity and accelerates learning. A quality music program can help to nurture children’s self esteem, self control and self expression.

Along with singing and movement, music enhances co-ordination and motor skills, improves imagination, memory, communication, social and language skills. A structured and flexible music program can extend children’s focus, concentration and their ability to learn.

With its roots based firmly in early childhood learning, Earthbeats aims to provide developmentally appropriate music programs for the whole child. Earthbeats Early Childhood Music seeks to inspire and educate children and their families with a happy experience they may take with them for the rest of their lives!

Each Earthbeats Early Childhood Music Session is based around Live Music!
Children sing with the guitar, explore the keyboard and are involved in movement, dance and hands on experience with many different instruments, including authentic drums and percussion from all around the world. Earthbeats engages and educates children with music concepts of: beat, rhythm, pitch, melody, tempo and dynamics through play, puppets and plenty of fun activities.

Earthbeats has a strong cultural aspect and supports difference and diversity with a wonderful range of contemporary and traditional songs and music of the world from: South America, India, the West Indies and Middle East, Aboriginal, African songs and many more. Children can explore their love of music in a fun, informal, caring and positive environment.