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Classes, Programs, Concerts​
for Children, Families, Community

Classes, Programs, Concerts
for Children, Families, Community

Early Childhood Music Classes

Kindly note due to the health issue early childhood music classes currently continue through early learning centres, council and community services.

For Mum/Dads with little ones you may like to contact BURWOOD Council Julie Stralow (Volunteering & Programs Officer) mailto:Julie.Stralow@burwood.nsw.gov.au about Earthbeats open music programs for local families.

Earthbeats Early Childhood Music is fun, interactive and educational, especially designed for children 6m – 6yrs and their parents / educators. Earthbeats began as a music education program, within Marrickville Council Children’s and Family Services over 12 years ago. In each session children sing, dance with the guitar and share hands on experience, with many different instruments, including authentic drums and percussion from all around the world. Earthbeats is play based learning, including puppets, crafts, storytelling and plenty of fun activities.

Earthbeats Early Childhood Music is a unique program based around 5 different themes, music for ; fun and entertainment, early childhood development, sharing cultural and social diversity, early music concepts ie beat, rhythm pitch, connecting children families and communities. Each term all groups share a new cultural and musical theme. There is a core of original Earthbeats songs and activities that run through the whole program. The program then differs in activities and learning according to each different age group.

‘music is the language of the heart’